Sarawin specializes in providing OEM/ODM services for natural GEL cosmetics according as clientfs requirements. bSarawin Co., Ltd.

We highly recommend our GEL cosmetics which create a healthy beauty with multi-functionality preventing various skin troubles.

Skin-loving GEL formula

Natural GEL is colloidal substances occurs in Nature. See cut end of aloe leaf.
It retains a lot of water, yet can keep its shape. Really fresh and well-moistened!
This is moisture-bounce, GEL. Similarly, our skin has also GEL functions gretains the water.h
It is located between cells and efficiently absorbs the nutrient and oxygen retaining moisture of the skin. Our GEL cosmetics innovatively adopt gelation technology with various beautifying ingredients
and we believe GEL formula is the most skin-loving and comfortable.

How does the GEL benefit skin treatment?

  • Powerfully draws impurities and sebum plug deep into pores like a magnet.
  • Boosts moisture retentive ability in the skin.
  • Provides oxygen, activates cells and improves natural curativeness.
  • Good breathability prevents oxidation of sebum and stimulates metabolism.

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